About the Author

This work is a one-man project. It has taken many years to compile, and its scope has gradually expanded far beyond the original plan because of my desire to include much information that can be found elsewhere only in a wide variety of sources or that is treated sketchily in other works.

My aim, in fact, was to make it the most comprehensive encyclopedia of world cinema ever published in the English language.


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The main article for this category is Film.

For people who work in film, see actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, crew, executives, pioneers, etc, see Category Film people by role.

For their occupational descriptions, see Category Filmmaking occupations.

For writing and thought about film, see criticism, theory, styles, genre, magazines, books, film schools, etc, see Category Film theory.

For the making of films - techniques, studios, production, editing, special effects, costume design, technology, etc, see Category Filmmaking.

For songs, soundtracks or theme music, see Category Film music.

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